February Pack Meeting

When:  Monday night, 2/22

Where:  179 Great Road, Littleton (entrance on 2A) (Website: http://www.skinashoba.com/tubing.html)

Time:  5:30PM to 7:30PM

Cost: $13 per Scout (The group rate is $26/person and the pack will fund 50% for Scouts.)  Family members and friends are welcome to tube as well, but they will be responsible for their own tickets.  The group rate is available to all Carlisle Scouts, family and friends. (Normal ticket price: $32)

Payment Process:  You will purchase the ticket at the group rate from the ticket window.  (Be sure to mention that you are with the Carlisle Scouts to get the discount.)  There will be a member of Pack leadership standing by the ticket booth who will reimburse you for ½ of the cost of your Scout(s).


1.       Inform your pack leader if you will be attending.  We need an approximate headcount to ensure that we have an appropriate sized reservation and enough money to reimburse the tickets.

2.       Go online and download the liability release form (https://www.skinashoba.com/media/wysiwyg/Waivers/2016-tubing-release-of-liability.pdf).  You can complete it at the tubing park, but it is faster and more efficient to bring a completed release.

3.       The tubing park incorporates multiple safety features; however, the speeds can be fast and so we require all Scouts to wear helmets.  Please be sure to bring one.


There is a lodge at the tubing park and so adults not tubing can warm themselves.

We will be watching the weather and if it is questionable, You will receive a note on 2/22 in the morning.