Communication: The pack posts up to date information and pictures of our scouts in action on the private Carlisle Pack 135 Cub Scouts Facebook Page.  If you are looking for general information please contact our Cub Scout Committee at committee@pack135.com . The Cubmaster and Den Leaders keep private email lists and communicate directly with the Pack and Dens respectively.

Carlisle Cub Scout Fact Sheet: This summary document highlights some of the actions, requirements and activities of the pack.

Parent role:  You must help your child.  Every age group has “family” activities.  You should help your den leader.  You can also run a pack activity if you like.  You should participate in a pack run activity even if you don’t run it.  Total parent commitment outside of driving: 10 hours a year.  Most parents ‘get into it’ more than that and have FUN

Time commitment: My son’s parents both work and both volunteer for other than scout activities.  He is in two sports and must succeed in school first.  We find the time for Cub Scouts, but do not overdue it.  You shouldn’t either.  Conversely, Cub Scouts is not a “drop-off” activity.  All of the leadership are volunteering their time.

All of us do many more activities in Carlisle than in many other communities.  Thusly we have found that by being organized in September and driving monthly Pack activities and monthly den activities through to April we can do diligence to the Cub Scout values without over-burdening our children.  May and June have lighter activity loads with a great ending Camping trip.  Plan carefully with other parents and you’ll be surprised how much you can do and how much Fun the boys have!

Schedules are on the calendar page for the Pack and on your Den Page for your den.

Organization of Cub Scouting:  The “Pack” is the entire group of children and leaders and parents ranging in age from 1st Grade through 5th Grade.  Each grade is broken down into “Dens”.

The Pack meets once a month and sponsors Pack events like the Rocket Launch, the Camping trips and of course the Pine Wood Derby!   Pack meetings are important as they are the primary means for announcements.  Pack meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m.  We start on time and end on time so young kids can get to bed.

Dens meet and work separately during the month and work on advancements and skills.  Each child gets a handbook that the parents should read the introductory section on how the Pack and the Dens operate and your role in both.  1st graders are Tigers,  2nd: Wolfs,  3rd: Bears,  4th and 5th: Webelos.

The Pack has a Committee that sets the pack schedule, plans and budgets the activities and interviews the leadership.  The committee has a chairperson, treasurer, training coordinator, advancement coordinator, the Cub Master and secretary and event coordinator(s).  The committee meets once a month.

The Pack is run by the Cub Master (Josh Danker).

Each Den has at least one Den Leader but many have male/female Co-Den leader teams to facilitate an integrated family den structure (both boys and girls together).  Each parent should run at least one den meeting each year.

Cub Scout Motto:  “Do Your Best”  this is the only “measure of success” we ask of your children.  We do not “compete” for advancement or prizes etc.  With your help we help the scouts grow and the scouts help the pack go.

Fundraising: We do one structured fundraising event each year. The pack creates a unique calendar featuring photos of Carlisle taken by local photographers. In December, we ask Cub Scouts to sign-up to take one shift at either Ferns or the Transfer Station to share these calendars with our community for a $20 donation.

Budget:  The annual budget per year is estimated at the start of each school year based on prior years experience.  The budget is for: rental fees (meeting spaces), district subscription and charter fees, handbooks, neckerchiefs, slides, insignia, awards, badges, leadership training, rocket kits, pinewood derby kits and fees, pack meeting supplies and publicity, event supplies and permits, camping trip fees and equipment and other elements.  100% of the budget is used in the operation of the pack (zero overhead) and unsolicited donations (if any) are rolled into that years budget.

Process: Annual registration is designed to cover about 75% of the fee and the fund raiser is used to cover the remainder.  In a lean year there is the possibility of a “balance due” situation.  Fortunately the past 4 years have had a slight “surplus” (but with decreasing size).  Net differences are accounted for in the price of the Blue and Gold dinner tickets in April, with either a cost+ ticket or a subsidy from budget to hold the pack at par year-on-year.  The committee approves budget decisions.

Where do I get the Uniform?

Scout Shop
(All items, let them know you are in the “Minute Man Council, Pack 135”
400 Cummings Park, Suite 1250
Washington Street, Woburn, MA
Maynard Outdoor Store(Some items – shirts- may not have all insignia)
24 Nason St
Maynard, MA 01754
(978) 897-2133

Where do the Patches go on the uniform?

Click here

Health and Safety:


There is lots of food in the world, the pack leadership does not see much need to include snacks/drinks at events with the exception of water in the parade and a treat at the campfire.

Please see the  Guide To Safe Scouting

All parents should follow the youth protection guidelines of the BSA and become trained in youth protection.

Pocket Knives:

Only at their parent’s discretion, and only Boys with the Whittling Chip Patch ATTACHED to their uniform may carry a pocket knife to approved events (essentially the camping trip).  Few pack activities are appropriate and naturally pack meetings at the school are a no-no.  Any parent/leader may confiscate/hold a pocket knife from any scout not practicing proper usage and return it to the scout’s parent.  Cubs can start to earn their Whittling Chip as Bears and must pass a “by memory” test by the Assistant Cub Master.